FeelGut allows you to explore your gut microbiome. FeelGut analyzes your microbiome in order to provide you with personalized solutions.

You are the microbiome, the microbiome is what you are!


Do you want to explore your microbiome?

Microbiome...what is that?

Did you know that we have the same number of cells in our body than in our gut?

Yes, 1 trillion microbes!

So... what is the microbiome?

Quite easy, no worries. It is defined as the type and number of microbes inhabiting in a certain part of the body. You should know that both bacteria and other microorganisms contained in your body might be beneficial or adverse.

How it works

FeelGut is quite easy to use. From acquiring the kit until receiving your results, we will guide you in any step you may require from us.

We guarantee you that you will complete the process successfully. Just follow the instructions!


Acquire your kit, log in and send us your sample


We sequence your microbiome DNA by means of our latest technology

Get your results

Et voilà! You get your personalized results and suggestions for an improved life-style

Who we are

FeelGut provides personalized solutions that will help achieve a healthier life-style.

But, how do we do it?

By analyzing your individual microbiome composition and extracting the relevant data using our latest bioinformatic algorithms, these steps allow us to provide you with personalized results.

What differentiate us from the rest is quite simple: we are a leading microbiome company having analyzed more than 30,000 microbiome samples.

Our story is exciting. We have been developing FeelGut during the past three years, with a multidisciplinary team composed by Biologists, Bioinformaticians, Biotechnologists, Legal advisors and Marketing experts.

Get the kit!

Coming soon...

FeelGut will be available soon! On the meantime, you can contact us through this contact form. Ask us as many doubts and comments as you may have. We do really appreciate your thoughts.



Do not worry, all samples are perfectly identified by means of an individual barcode
The whole process (from buying your kit until receiving your results) takes 4-5 weeks max.
We encourage you to visit your doctor in order to perfectly interpret your results
Yes, all your data is encripted under a robust informatic and personalized system
We use a 16S-sequencing on the Illumina NGS platform and look at a section of DNA only found in bacteria